These are just a few of my bigger projects.

The Millennial Mystic Tarot is a full 78-card Tarot deck inspired by comics, graphic novels, manga, and the diverse aesthetics of the millennial generation. I completed this project in 2019 and released it for sale that June.

The Sacred Storyteller Oracle is my second divination deck and is in progress now. It will have 88 cards and is scheduled to be out sometime in late 2020 or early 2021.

My participation in Inktober 2017 has its own page here, where you can view ALL of my Inktober illustrations from that event!

I worked on some illustrations for World Watercolor Month 2018. There are 17 images in that series.

I attempted Inktober again in 2019, and while I didn’t finish all 31 drawings that time around, I was so proud of some that I did make an Inktober 2019 page.