Blog: When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible |

Hello all! Today I’d like to discuss some of the changes (some imminent, some already in effect) regarding my social media presence. In my own situation, little has changed; still, things are going to look a bit different for the “” brand, so I figured I ought to set out a bit of an explanation.

I am reluctantly leaving YouTube. I’ve had my issues with them over the years, but honestly I grew to love creating video content there. Sadly, video editing literally burned down my last computer: my Acer Aspire 5 kicked the bucket, after just a year and 3 months with me. Death was declared at 2:12pm on Thursday, Sept. 3. The attending surgeon (my computer-builder boyfriend) and I did our best, but honestly it was beyond repair. That computer has gone to the Big Electronics Store in the Sky.

So, did I go out and get a computer that COULD do video editing? No, not really. I did get something new, and that will come in shortly, and I’ll post about it when it does; but for right now, I’m actually drafting this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with a Bluetooth keyboard. 

I briefly did consider purchasing a desktop setup that could really handle long-term, heavy video editing; but honestly it just seemed to me that buying such a machine would be overly expensive, and sadly an impractical investment as well:While I do enjoy video editing, YouTube was never a big success for me. So investing in the needed tools to continue creating there just wasn’t a good move financially.

Instead, I’m actually going to be focusing more on this blog, my Facebook, my Instagram, and the Etsy shop I’ve been building these past few years. These are platforms where I do have some measure of success, and I really think that focusing on them rather than spending 10-15 hours a week on YouTube is going to be the wiser move in the long run.

So what DID I buy to replace my old laptop? Well, the Galaxy Tab A, obviously, is my current machine; it’s no replacement for an actual computer, but it is surprisingly powerful, and quite handy for doing school assignments and Zoom calls (and, of course, drafting and posting blog content). But I also have something much bigger and much more exciting coming in the mail.

(Stay tuned. The Archangel touches down this coming week.)

Although I was honestly really bummed about losing my laptop, I am now seeing it as a chance to redirect my focus, reevaluate my business plan (such as it is), and really get clear on what I want to do in the future. I have some exciting projects coming up, so be sure to subscribe for all the sewing, writing, and 3D modeling I’ll be working on in the coming year.

Thank you for your support. I truly hope you all are safe and well despite the current situation. 

And as I used to say at the end of my YouTube videos: Be safe, be well, and make something today!

All the best,