My career has me wear a lot of hats, so to speak. This portfolio shows just a few highlights of the projects I’ve created or contributed to, and the types of work I can do.

Concept Art

From short films to virtual reality presentations, I’ve developed concept art and storyboards that bring ideas to life and guide future work.

Children’s Book Illustrations

I’ve worked one-on-one with authors to provide illustrations that marry perfectly with existing text to create an engaging and fun reading experience.

Fine Art and Portraiture

Whether a painting is intended to be given as a gift on an individual basis, or commissioned by a company to commemorate a project or milestone, I create fine paintings that truly express and honor a special moment.

Flyers and Brochures

I create informative, stylish marketing materials that clearly communicate information, draw crowds, and drive revenue.

3D Modeling & Character Design

I’ve worked with OgreWare and other game studios to populate 3D game engines with expressive, relatable characters.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Creating a comic of any length is a test of commitment, consistency, and accountability. My backlist of zines and comics prove that I follow through and finish what I start.

Game Design & App Development

I have worked on several games and apps, for desktop PC and Android, and I have experience working in Unity 3D and Microsoft Visual Studio. While not a coder by trade, I’m comfortable in C# environments and am eager to learn more.

Book Cover Design

I’ve been fascinated by books my whole life, and I’ve contributed to a few different book projects by providing unique, eye-catching cover art.