Tarot and Oracle Decks

I have been reading Tarot and oracle cards for over 15 years. In 2018, I decided to embark on the journey of creating my first independently designed, illustrated, and published deck, the Millennial Mystic Tarot. The work continued into 2019, and the deck was officially released on June 9, 2019. You can purchase the Millennial Mystic Tarot here.

In May 2020, I completed the paintings for my second deck, the Hekate Oracle, which is a 45-card oracle deck inspired by the legends and symbology of the Greek goddess Hekate, or Hecate. The Hekate Oracle was released on July 15, 2020. You can purchase the Hekate Oracle here.

My next planned cartomancy deck is the Path of the Magdalene Oracle. It is currently planned as a 60-card oracle deck inspired by the various, varied myths around the Magdalene. This deck is not Christian in origin, but it does involve some Biblical stories, so if that upsets you, this deck might not be for you. However, this deck is intended to be just as accessible and easy to use as my other decks. The Path of the Magdalene Oracle is still in progress, but updates will be posted on this site as they happen.