My Life on the Sidelines | Updates and Teasers!

My Life On The Sidelines is an ongoing manga-style comic project that follows Joel, the sidekick of a Magical Girl Superhero Team, and his adventures trying to manage to balance life as a sidekick with his own, more-or-less normal life. It’s not easy having a role in a super team as well as a day job!

It’s a fun series about the sidekick of a magical-girl superhero team, and pokes good-natured fun at the genre while also exploring concepts of self-worth and identity in a world where “special” is so highly prized.

Sidelines’ prologue, This Is Not My Story, is published here on and is readable free of charge. Click to read!

The prologue and subsequent chapters are available from my Etsy shop.

Here’s some of the concept art…

And here are some early sketch versions of the first few pages: