Materials I Use

This page is continually being updated, because my “repertoire” of art supplies is constantly shifting and changing. The latest update was on 1-13-19.

Materials I Use:



Watercolor: Arches cold pressed 140lb watercolor paper. I usually work at 10×14″, though I have done some huge 24×36″ or even large pieces on Arches. I always recommend starting from a base of good paper, ESPECIALLY with watercolor, and Arches has never failed me.


Marker/ink: Canson XL Bristol Board.


Comic pages: Recollections Cardstock, though I’d like to switch to Bristol.


Sketchbook: Strathmore 400 Recycled Sketch, 120 sheets, 9×12″. This is a lovely, simple sketchbook with excellent quality paper.




Graphite: 2H Derwent pencils, mechanical pencils with HB/#2 0.7mm lead, #2 cheap pencils for when I’m being more casual and free form.


IMG_4681 (1)

Techpen: Sakura Pigma Microns. I’ve used these for 15 years and they haven’t failed me yet!


Dip Pen: Nikko G-pen nibs, Tachikawa and Speedball nib holders. Basic stuff.


Ink: Dr PH Martin’s Black Star Waterproof India Ink. Beyond the mouthful of a name, it’s a great ink that isn’t too shiny, doesn’t bleed at all with watercolor, and is very nice and dark and opaque. Just a really good, reliable liquid ink.

Color Media:


Markers: Various alcohol based markers, incl. Copic, Prismacolor, Soucolor, and some Spectrum Noir someone bought me for Christmas in 2017. I used to think I wanted to just be a marker artist, but it’s awfully expensive to maintain (since generally you have to keep buying them over and over). So I migrated to other media (colored pencil and watercolor mostly).


Colored Pencils: Crayola and Prismacolor. I still adore colored pencils, but the world seems to think that colored pencil can’t be “fine art,” so Im kinda torn. But I have 2 sets of the 100 set of Crayolas, and a 150 set of Prismas.


Watercolor: I almost exclusively use Mijello Mission Gold and M Graham watercolor paints. Watercolor is the material I’m meant to use, I’m pretty sure. It’s by far my favorite right now.

Watercolor Supplies


Marrywindix round brushes, #0-#16 (from Amazon), and Artist’s Loft round and flat brushes, various, from a value pack from Michael’s. But I also have some nice ones…


…a couple of Princeton Elite brushes and some Silver Black Velvet brushes, all round.


Winsor & Newton masking fluid.


Mijello Bulletproof Glass Palette as my main studio palette; Mijello Fusion palette as my backup palette; and a Winsor & Newton mini travel palette that I’ve filled with my own personal Top 12.

Digital Media:

I RARELY work purely digitally, but I do often use a tablet to touch things up. This is a very basic WACOM Bamboo One that I got off of Amazon. It came with instructions solely in Chinese, which was fascinating, and might have presented an issue except that this is a very simple tablet and is essentially plug-and-play.

Other Essential Tools:

Copier/Scanner/Printer: Canon imageCLASS MF632Cdw. I use this to scan my images and also to print elements to trace onto final paper.

Laptop: 2014 MacBook Pro. Mostly used to edit videos.

Cell phone – LG G6. I use it to photograph my art and post on Instagram and Amino. Also to film my speedpaint videos.

Tracing Pad: Tracer A4 size light pad. Fantastic so that I can transfer images onto new paper.

Storage: Yoobi pencil case, ITOYA Profolio portfolio binders, and SwissGear backpack.

Tracking/Time Management: The bullet journal system has made this possible for me. I probably could not manage to do my art the way I do if it weren’t for this system.