About Taylor

Taylor Johnson is an artist and illustrator from the Northern Virginia area in the US. She creates illustrations and designs for printed media, and also designs 3D models for use in 3D printing, game engines, and VR/AR/XR (virtual reality) applications. Taylor believes that art has the power not only to inspire us, but to connect us and heal us, and she is always looking for new ways to use art to bring people together.

Though her early interests drew her to manga and anime, Taylor has since worked in semi-realism, illustrative styles, 3D modeling and printing, and graphic design, including logos. Her work has been featured in marketing materials, VR experiences, blogs, live events, and a mobile game for Android devices, Calling All Heroes.

On her own time, Taylor has self-published two divination card decks (the Millennial Mystic Tarot in 2019, and the Hekate Oracle in 2020) and is working on a third, the Sacred Storyteller Oracle, scheduled to come out in mid-2021.

Currently, Taylor is building on her history of 3D design and printing to develop a series of 3D-printed items for altars and sacred spaces. She also continues to produce textile goods for her Etsy shop, DoubleStitchedArt. Her current personal project is a wardrobe revision, chronicled over on an Instagram account, @kawaiiacademia.

In the infrequent moments when Taylor is not doing some kind of art, she enjoys reading novels, working out, reading Tarot and oracle cards, and unapologetically listening to pop music.