Weekly Blog 7/1/19: Returning from Hiatus, the #hbnotebookchallenge, and #onebookjuly2019 !

Hey guys! It’s Taylor.

I’m back from my “burnout hiatus” and am feeling way better. I actually did spend part of this last week, the end of June, working on filming videos – but only because I had started to feel like it again, and I’m doing well enough with my full time work that I think I can begin to add my usual content-creation processes back into my life.

As I’d said in a previous video and maybe some blog posts, whenever I’ve increased the amount that I work at day-job stuff, I’ve gone through a couple months of “OGOD I HAVE NO FREE TIME LEFT, ALL MY FREE TIME IS GONE, ALL I DO IS WORK, I CAN NEVER DO A PERSONAL PROJECT AGAIN.” I felt this when I started part time work, and again when I increased to half time, and again when I increased to full time.

However, even with FT work, I DO still have free time – it just doesn’t feel like it, and I have to use it more wisely. And now that I’ve had a couple months to adjust to full time work, I feel once more like “OK, yeah, I’m busier than I was – but I can manage this. I can still work on my personal things. This is doable.”

So, yeah. I’m back.

me at event

The past month has actually been…great. I launched my first Tarot deck (buy it here), I had my 30th birthday, and I had a business trip (day-job related) to LA. I can’t say much publicly but gosh, it was cool as hell. I had a lot of great opportunities to attend an ACLU event and then a Women In Media event. As for the logistics side, I hate flying but I love travel, so, mixed feelings about the trip – but TSA wasn’t too awful and I did come through okay, so I guess it was a win.

I’ve been painting a lot for the next deck, the Sacred Storyteller Oracle, and I am thrilled with the cards so far.

That deck is coming out for Christmas/Yule/Solstice 2020, but you can follow the progress on this blog or on the deck’s Instagram, @sacredstorytelleroracle.

I’m also participating in a couple of challenges! One is a yearlong one, the #hbnotebookchallenge by Sarra Cannon of Heart Breathings. This challenge is basically to use up a notebook a month, and was inspired by Sarra’s realization that she had…kind of a lot of notebooks. Stacks and stacks of beautiful…blank notebooks. I have the same problem with mine, so I was really inspired when Sarra posted a video challenging everyone to use up a notebook every month of 2019!

For some people, their focus in doing the challenge is to write more – some people are hand-drafting novels, others are journaling, still others are memory-keeping, and so on. For others, it’s about decluttering and changing how we think about the perpetual acquisition of notebooks. And for some it’s just a fun challenge!


A lot of us have found that a whole notebook every month, though, is a LOT more writing than we want to be doing; so, many people (including myself) have chosen to alter the challenge slightly for ourselves. My adjustment is that I’m using traveler’s notebook inserts instead of actual notebooks for my 12, but I still plan to fill 12 of them. I started with three Standard size inserts, but just finished a half-letter size one. I’m not being super strict about what size I use….just making sure I actually do all that writing.

The other challenge I’m joining this year is just this month, and it’s the #onebookjuly2019 challenge. Basically, the challenge is (loosely) to use a single book for your planning or journaling for all of July. Me, I had to alter this too, of course; I’m basically using just two notebooks: a traveler’s notebook system and a spiral-bound planner. I would have tried to keep it all in the TN, but I’ve been planning for months on moving into a Recollections “Creative Year” planner from Michaels, so I really had to alter the challenge to allow myself to use both. So, notes and journaling and to-do lists go in the TN, and all the rest of my planning goes in the spiral planner.


I don’t have a video digest for you for this blog; that will come next week once I’m back to posting videos. I’ve actually pre-recorded and scheduled out videos for most of July, so never fear, content is coming. I just had to take June off. It was a good thing, though, and I don’t regret the choice.

In closing…Thank you all so much for your support. If you’d like to financially support this operation, please do head over to my Etsy shop; if you’d like to see the videos I make, check out my YouTube; if you’re at all on Instagram, follow me there; and don’t forget to subscribe here for more updates on all my projects.

Until next time… I hope that you’re having a truly excellent day, and I’ll talk to you again very, very soon.


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