Weekly Update 1/8/18 | Dip Pen and Ink, Upcoming Reviews, and THE SIDEKICK STORY HAS A NAME

Hey y’all! It’s Julian, and I am obsessed with Derwent pencils, dip-pen-inking, and my new manga series.

First off, I’ve shifted from pen inking (ie fineliners/brush pens) to brush inking (brush and ink) to finally dip-pen inking, which I’ve wanted to do forever but haven’t had the resources or skill to do. Turns out, it’s really not that difficult, and it’s a super fun and versatile tool! I’m currently using some Speedball nibs, but I have some comic nibs (Nikko G-pen nibs) being shipped in from Japan as we speak. (Why do we have to import these things from Japan?! Why can’t I buy G-pen nibs from, like, Hobby Lobby?!)

I have some new art supplies to review – no, I didn’t buy them myself, I got them for Christmas. 🙂 I’m going to be doing a comparison video on some graphite (“sketching”) pencil brands: Derwent Graphic, Derwent Academy, Prismacolor Turquoise, Artist’s Loft, and possibly more – plus, of course, “regular #2 pencils.” I am not nominally a graphite artist, but I do all my work in pencil before inking it, and I do use various grades, so yeah, I’ve been trying a few brands and I do play favorites when it comes to art supplies, so I thought I’d share my experience with those. 🙂

Also, my dear boyfriend got me a lovely set of Arteza watercolor brush pens for Christmas, and I’m going to be reviewing those too. They are AMAZING so far. I’ve never used watercolor pens, though, so I can’t say I really know what I’m doing! Still, they’re fun as heck and I did the piece pictured above with them, so you might enjoy them if you want to create a look like that. 🙂 I got the 48 set, for the record.

Next: The “sidekick story,” which I’ve been working on for months, finally has a name, and it is:

My Life On The Sidelines
Or, The Not-So-Magical World of Magical Girls, As Explained by Joel Rowan.

(Yes, it’s going to be quite tongue-in-cheek.)

It’s going to start with a 20-page introductory chapter, and that will come out on February 14. I intend to make my deadline February 7 and then print it over the next few days. I’ll be prepping for a convention then, so I don’t want to push the deadline too close. (Spoiler: I will most likely push the deadline WAY too close.) Read more about it here!

Oh…forgot the most important thing…I may be getting a job. A day job! I’m going to start to have more money, and something to do some days other than art! Just part time, but I’ll be working again, so…oh gosh this is scary. I’ll let you know more when I can.


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