Weekly Update 12/25/17 | Happy Solstice, Yule, and Christmas!

Hey y’all! It’s Julian. And it’s Solstice, Christmas, Yule – it’s the holidays!!)

To me, this year has DRAGGED by, but life is still good. Being alive in these interesting times doesn’t always feel like a blessing, but I am blessed to be alive, period.

I’m currently putting my comic and illustration projects on hold while I work on Christmas presents. This year, just for Christmas I am drawing:

– A dog (who was known mostly as Der Schnaügenhünd)
– A Brotato (don’t ask)
– A couple of World of Warcraft characters (Chromie and one of her Homies)
– A drag queen (KATYAAAA)
– A talking bird saying “OOOOH!!”

Those, in addition to making a tavern sign and three notebooks, have worn me out enough that I don’t think I’ll get any of MY work done until the new year.

In terms of what I’m doing right now, though, I’m doing a lot of brush inking and LOVING it!! Ink, actual ink, with a brush or dip pen nib, is my new favorite medium. I’m going to be doing my new comic in all brush-and-ink. I bought some mixed media paper, a 60-page spiral book from Canson, for that project. It’ll be out February 15.

Here’s a piece for my dad that I did entirely in brush and ink:


I’ll be coloring it tonight, but yeah, that’s pretty much how my ink work looks.

I’ve been doing a lot of “cafe drawing,” taking my supplies to a cafe (or sometimes a large lobby of a hotel or something) and drawing there. It’s a bit risky when I brush-ink, but I love that medium so much, and most places actually don’t seem to mind as long as I don’t spill anything or have a huge bottle of ink sitting out open! They’re all very patient and reasonable. I only have a tiny bit of ink out at any moment, and usually on top of a small towel, so there haven’t been any problems.


I’ve put together a couple little travel kits for sketching and inking, and I’ll post about that soon. I’ll probably do video tours of the kits because they’re so awesome, I love sharing stuff like that!


I didn’t work at all for a week due to a mental health thing, but I’m okay, no worries. Hence no update on the 18th like I should have had. But I’m now back to work 110% and I am turning out good work, I think. 🙂

Money has gotten really tight, but I’m almost to the end of the month, and if I get some money for Christmas, I’ll be fine. Otherwise I’ll dip into savings or something. It’s going to be okay, I know it…I’m hopeful.

If you’d like to help, though, please feel free to head over to my Etsy shop and purchase something! It helps me so much more than just providing immediate cash. I’ve added some Traveler’s Notebook inserts, and updated a few other listings, so check it out!


Anyway, thank you all for your support this year, and I look forward to the coming months. I have a lot planned and it is going to be SO exciting. 🙂

Until next time, I hope you’re having an excellent day, and I’ll talk to you again very very soon.


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