Crisis Averted: I’m Back!

Hey y’all! I do apologize for the radio silence; I had a bit of a medical crisis and had to take a little time off to work on things. However, I am quite well and on my way back to normal Julian Jaymes life!

The Etsy shop has been put in vacation mode for now, just because I’m still getting settled back into “normal life” and am really in no position to ship or print or make things. I plan to return to Etsy selling in September.

My Facebook is being revived, gradually, and this website will soon be active once more.

I so, so appreciate your patience. I’m glad I’ve been able to take this time to reorganize, re-prioritize, and refresh my soul. Much has changed, but I remain Julian, and I will go on fighting the good fight.

Abundant Blessings,


Tarot For Recovery: Recovery Profile Spread [VIDEO]

Hey y’all! Here’s the first thing I’ve made for the Tarot For Recovery series. It’s just a 12 card spread to tell you a bit about how you’re doing in your recovery! As always, you can use a virtual tarot deck website or app if you don’t have cards of your own.

Of course, this is all assuming you know the meanings of various Tarot cards, and that you’re familiar with the tradition. If you’re new, I highly recommend and, or Kelly-Ann Maddox, Owlmoon513, and The Truth in Story on YouTube. All are great resources for learning the Tarot.

Tarot For Recovery is an upcoming Tarot course/resource/website that focuses on using Tarot and oracle cards to promote recovery from mental illness, trauma, addiction, codependency, or really anything else you want to “recover” from. All are welcome in TfR.

Please follow for updates!



OK, sorry for yelling, but…I’m really excited!!

I’ve spent the past week recovering from finishing The Cheyenne Line, but I’ve also been making videos and sewing Tarot deck bags. I have a few more items to post, but here’s a few…






And of course…

…the Triforce:


So head over to 

if you’re interested in any of these items. You can also get a custom order now for under $20!


The site is live!

Yep, you can, from now on, just head to to find all my links, all my stuff, and all my social media – from one central hub. I’m really excited about this. 🙂

I seem to have come down with a bit of a summer cold – those can be brutal, but I’m okay, just a bit scratchy and sicky. But I’ll still be updating the site as we go along.

Please bookmark or sign up for notifications, and bear with me as the site grows. I’ll be revealing some exciting projects soon, but until then, you can head over to to read The Cheyenne Line in its entirety, this launch week only.