The Cheyenne Line is complete.

Sunday, 7/30/17, 9:15pm

Yep, I just finished inking the last page. I’m a bit worn down, but I thought I’d write out some of my thoughts and reactions before going to bed.

To be honest…I got sick of working on this one. Not sick of drawing or being an artist…not sick of the plot, song, or characters…just sick of being on the same old project that should have been done in  a month and a half, not 3 and a half. I’m still learning about pacing and the importance of rest days; I’m still developing a system so that I can work sustainably (read: without driving myself out of my mind!).

But I’m okay, that’s the important thing.

Oh, and the comic is done. On time. That’s the OTHER important thing.

I’ll be fixing up some last-minute errors tomorrow (Monday), and then printing it Tuesday-ish, and then on Wednesday it’ll be shipped out. A limited number of people will receive a free copy, but anyone can purchase a copy on my Etsy shop (it’ll be listed there as soon as I have printed copies to sell – haven’t figured out pre-orders yet).

Good night moon, good night room.
Good night art supplies, good night weary eyes.
Good night deadline, good night Cheyenne Line.
Good night Staedtler pens, good night, all my dear friends!


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