Starting the Julian Jaymes Website.

Hey y’all! It’s Julian!

And today, today, TODAY I am launching the beginning of my own website! Right now! Right this second! I’m editing the homepage as we speak!

I have a lot of reasons for starting my own site. I want to go through a few here.

First and foremost is that frankly, I take issue with the morals of most of the online platforms I’ve used before. Many sites make their money off of things I just don’t agree with, things I find very hurtful, hateful, and disgusting. Porn, bullying, abuse, hate speech… I don’t want to give my money, content, and business to those sites.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never post to dA or YouTube or Instagram again. It just means I’m going to migrate most of my content to alternatives, mostly by hosting images and video elsewhere but posting the actual content and text all here. I’ll still post links and updates on dA, YT, Instagram, and Facebook, though less frequently.

I’m very grateful to anyone who’s following me in this migration, and I would so appreciate it if you would let me know about any bugs/functionality issues on this site. Also, I do intend to reserve a custom domain name, but it’s going to take at least a month until I have that kind of money! Bear with me…


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